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Customs Banker

AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System from Canada Customs) is coming your way. Are you ready? Importers and their agents will face civil penalties increasing to $25,000 for non-compliance.

We can help you identify and resolve discrepancies that may otherwise become an issue should your company be selected for a Canada Customs audit. We can link each step of your international transaction. This would include a complete paper/electronic trail, tracking goods from the P.O. stage through the customs clearance and receiving process and to the final payment to the vendor. This will allow you to account for short-shipped goods, altered payment terms and Certificates of Origin. Information on the AMPS penalty document is available on the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s website at:


Archive all the paper stored in boxes and filing cabinets
Link your accounting and receiving functions with customs documents
Easy and efficient indexing on a variety of fields, cross-referencing with others
Manage all customs documents, centrally or distributed scanning, via the web
Tracking of costing by usage
Use bar codes to enter and index
Use on Windows or DOS or thin client
Unlimited user access to secure web site from any location at no cost
Provide readable digital copies for outside agencies.
No limitations for licensed seats and simultaneous users and searchers
Document check-in and check-out provided
Certification provided that images cannot be altered
Capturing packing slip with signature
Can eliminate faxes - Faxes can go direct to archive without printing paper
Knowledge and recommendation of the appropriate scanner/s
Training of warehouse staff is not an issue
Document preparation, assigning file identification, scanning, reassembling of files
Access in seconds to all electronic/paper documentation when shipment arrives
All types, thickness, and sizes of paper handled
Conversion to and integration with microfiche to optical discs
Archival does not have to wait for other systems changes
Can integrate import/customs/dispatch/warehouse/other departments
Links to Unix, Logis, MSR, Cadex


Managing customs documents for government compliance;
Link each step of your international transaction;
Establish that what you ordered is what you received and what you paid for;
Central repository, linking all incoming & internal documents, in a common database accessible selectively to everyone on the net.

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