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Legal Banker

Kovatec's Legal Banker is a powerful tool designed to increase your billable hours every day.

The best lawyers know that their most important corporate asset is their knowledge. Efficiently managing that knowledge is the key to increasing daily billable hours.

Reducing the number of hours spent doing research allows for additional time to be utilized in revenue generating activities. Kovatec's Legal Banker allows you to locate the information your require within minutes - regardless of whether the files you require are current, or have been archived for years!

Research - The Heart of Success

  • Easier information search and retrieval allows for a faster, simpler research process. Kovatec's Legal Banker software allows for a complete text search throughout all documents located within your firm's database.
Accessing the Right Facts…at the Right Time
  • Kovatec's Service Bureau can scan both current and archived client, case and litigation files, then host the documents on our servers. This can be done for a fraction of the current costs to archive and store your hardcopy documents. You can access all your files from anywhere around the world, any time day or night via secure Internet access.
Increase Production - While Saving Time
  • Kovatec's Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution can save you time and money. An ASP is a system designed to deploy, host and control access to an application for its customers from a centrally managed facility. This means a great deal of time can be saved from searching, retrieving and re-filing various documents.
Your Benefits
  • You and your staff will manage knowledge, not files.
  • Beyond having a standard PC and browser, there are minimal training requirements.
  • Web-based access means no more filing cabinets, pulling of client files, printing, copying, forwarding and re-filing. You will have access to all your files from any location at any time.

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