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Knowledge Banker

In many ways, knowledge is synonymous with wisdom. Storing knowledge means storing wisdom, and whatever is properly stored can be retrieved at opportune moments.

Kovatec’s Knowledge Banker is a powerful storage tool built from scanned documents related to your industry. It is a repository of the vital information – the knowledge – you need to do business. Using key words and phrases that you define, Knowledge Banker categorizes your documents enabling quick and efficient search and retrieval of your crucial information.

  • Knowledge Banker watches for incoming documents and automatically alerts you when they arrive in the system. With a document link, you can click to view the contents as well as see subsidiary links to related documents.
  • Knowledge Banker lets you quickly distribute your valuable knowledge to others in your organization who can benefit from it. Whether you attach a document link to an e-mail message or put it into workflow, recipients just need to click on the link and they can see the information. It’s that easy and that powerful.
  • With Knowledge Banker, you can add your own corporate wisdom to documents to meet your organizational needs. Using full-text indexing of electronic Post-it notes, users can search and retrieve any observations and interpretations made previously about any particular document. Such value-added information makes Knowledge Banker the perfect instrument for storing and sharing your company’s expertise.
  • Kovatec maintains a full T1 trunk to the Internet and powerful Internet Web servers that allows access for thousands of users with the possibility of multiple security levels.

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