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Resume Banker

The best business people know that their key corporate asset is their staff. Hiring the best people ensure a company's continued growth and competitive edge in our knowledge-based global economy.

Finding the best people is every human resources department's most important task. Resume Banker helps your HR department find those people faster and more efficiently.

  • Resume Banker can take resumes submitted from any source, whether paper hard copy, fax or e-mail, then convert all the documents to your choice of electronic format. The documents are stored on a secure central repository for easy access and sorting.
  • Resume's are automatically profiled and categorized according to your specific criteria in Resume Banker's on-line repository. Managers can make use of full-text indexing to search for and identify specific talents as well as hidden values that might not be evident in the profile form. This can enable managers to quickly short-list the top candidates.
  • Resume Banker gives your HR managers easy yet secure browser access, limiting privileges to only those members of your staff specified. In addition Resume Banker can track each application from initial contact, through the interview to the finally selection process.
  • Your HR professionals will manage people, not paper. They will find the best candidates faster and more efficiently, enabling you to quickly hire that new key employee.
  • Beyond having a standard PC and browser, there are minimal training requirements. There is no need to set up and manage an internal resume repository. Kovatec does that for you, letting your company get on with business.
  • Web-based access means no more filling cabinets, pulling of resumes, printing, copying, forwarding and re-filing. Managers have immediate access to resumes from regional offices anywhere in the world.

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