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Media Banker

When you're in business, making the news within your industry can greatly benefit your company and it's place amongst your competitors.

Making the best use of the news you make through effectively storing it, managing it and making it available to the right people at the right time can prove to be a marketing goldmine.

  • Kovatec's Media Banker is an efficient repository made up of images, documents and electronic files related to your company and your industry. Using keywords, phrases and fulltext that you define, you can use Media Banker to categorize and profile your information for quick and easy search and retrieval.
Let Kovatec be your host
  • Through Media Banker, Kovatec's Service Bureau can handle all your needs with seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day service. Real-time uploading of your media data, whether audio or video clips, transcripts or newspaper and magazine clippings, produces fast on-line avaiability of your information.
Digital clipping services
  • Kovatec Inc has several years of experience in the media monitoring business, and with Media Banker, you easily scan, store, retrieve and view news clippings, whether they're audio, video or print media clips, quickly and efficiently. That lets you make your company's information readily available to your employees and clients.
Spreading the news
  • Media Banker lets you quickly distribute your valuable data to others in your organization who can benefit from it. Whether you attach a document link to an e-mail message or put it into workflow, recipients just need to click on the link and they can see the information. It's that easy and that powerful.
Secure news On-line
  • Kovatec maintains a full T1 trunk to the Internet and powerful Internet Web servers that alow access for thousands of users with the possibility of multiple security levels.

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