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. Customs Banker

AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System from Canada Customs) is coming your way. Are you ready? Importers and their agents will face civil penalties increasing to $25,000 for non-compliance.

. Knowledge Banker

Kovatec’s Knowledge Banker is a powerful storage tool built from scanned documents related to your industry. It is a repository of the vital information – the knowledge – you need to do business. Using key words and phrases that you define, Knowledge Banker categorizes your documents enabling quick and efficient search and retrieval of your crucial information.

. Resume Banker

Finding the best people is every human resources department's most important task. Resume Banker helps your HR department find those people faster and more efficiently.

. Media Banker

Making the best use of the news you make through effectively storing it, managing it and making it available to the right people at the right time can prove to be a marketing goldmine.

. Legal Banker

The best lawyers know that their most important corporate asset is their knowledge. Efficiently managing that knowledge is the key to increasing daily billable hours.

Reducing the number of hours spent doing research allows for additional time to be utilized in revenue generating activities. Kovatec's Legal Banker allows you to locate the information your require within minutes - regardless of whether the files you require are current, or have been archived for years!.

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