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The Royal College was facing an increasing amount of paper, which caused problems in answering questions to members of the College. Realizing that something had to be done, the College went out and started exploring the ideas of electronic document management.

They found the solution literally around the corner: in Ottawa, 10 km from the College.

Once Kovatec Inc had brought the project group up to speed with the endless possibilities of electronic management, Kovatec was asked to handle the questionnaire, which is sent out once a year. Kovatec designed the forms and read the information electronically with Cardiff Teleform and delivered the data in a database as well as the scanned documents through a secure website, so that RC staff could instantly answer telephone questions about the returned forms.

The next project was to convert all paper documents to electronic format. A task not to be underestimated, as many decisions had to be made on what to keep and what to throw out. The workflow was held against the light and changes were made.

The project is well on its way and more and more departments are coming on line. According to a spokes person, the staff "loves it". "The ease of use, the instant accessibility, and above all the great support have all made Kovatec and Knowledge Banker the right choice for us".

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