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Ford’s Purchasing department job is purchasing; Ford’s Shipping and Receiving department’s job is shipping and receiving. However, sometimes the numbers ordered and the numbers received don’t match. But in large companies, bills are sometimes being paid even though not everything has been delivered.

Ford approached Kovatec to see if there is a way to get that information together. Kovatec developed a database that was fed by Cardiff software, which was in turn fed by the paper forms, filled in by the staff at Shipping and Receiving. Paper forms are still necessary, as the staff walks on the shop floor and stands next to the truck, counting, while the goods get unloaded.

The Purchasing department fills the other half of the database. At certain intervals, Ford can print out reports from the database, showing the difference between what has been purchased and what has been delivered. Only the delivered goods are paid now.

Kovatec used Cardiff software to read the information from the forms from shipping and receiving. IMR’s Alchemy is the document management product used to store the images.

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