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As an ASP, Kovatec provides HomeGold, a South Carolina-based US mortgage brokerage firm, with a web-based storage and retrieval site. This enables the company to search mortgages and peripheral documentation in a 24/7 environment.

HomeGold’s former document storage system was rapidly failing, and the company neither had the staff, the time nor the financial resources to create an in-house replacement. HomeGold’s Randy Horne went out to the Internet, searched through hundreds of web pages and found that Kovatec should be able to do the job from Canada.

HomeGold decided to put its trust in Kovatec to custom design an ASP storage site for the company’s highly confidential and mission critical data. Since HomeGold had an existing in house service bureau, Kovatec rolled out a T1 line in order to have the scanned images in Canada every day before the day was over. The images are indexed over night and the next morning, HomeGold has access to the images, when employees arrive at work.

Since the cooperation was so successful, Kovatec took over the Service Bureau in South Carolina, including Randy Horne, and started to supply scanners to other HomeGold branches. Kovatec also brings all COLD data on line for HomeGold. Other services were added in 2002: print on demand, temporary access for investors to special directories with mortgages which could be a potential investment opportunity. “The possibilities are endless”, says Randy Horne, “and the whole operation runs like a Swiss watch. We look forward to many more years of cooperation”, says Randy, who has been to Canada only once, “just to make sure that you really exist”, he says with a loud southern laugh. Kovatec’s servers and people must have impressed him so much, that he decided to join Team Kovatec.

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