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Over 20,000 organizations, including leading Global 2000 companies, have selected Cardiff products to automate manual processes and to put information to work. Since nearly every organization needs to convert paper documents and forms into digital information, or wants to eliminate paper forms with online eForms, the Cardiff customer list is a who's who in nearly every industry. As the fastest growing supplier of Information Capture solutions, you can feel confident that Cardiff' product will help you "Put Information to Work".

California State Automobile Association, American Express, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, California Department of Developmental Services, Canon Europa, Anesthesia Data Systems, Dames & Moore, German DaimlerChrysler, Lexmark International, Inc. and American Red Cross are some of the well-known customers of Cardif's teleforms.

At Kovatec Inc. , We are the reseller of Cardiff Products.

TELEform automatically processes forms and documents, eliminating manual processes and saving your organization money. TELEform’s unique TRI-CR recognition engine leads the industry in accuracy and throughput, letting you get more information into your organization in less time. It has built-in business rules that look at collected information and can automatically improve or fix the data.

TELEform is used to collect and process information - information that is critical to your organization. By automating your business processes with TELEform, you eliminate costly manual processes, improve customer relations and get information to work.

Cardiff TELEform is the most widely used application for converting paper into digital information. Over 20,000 organizations, and numerous industry awards, have proven that TELEform is the standard in total information capture.

Cardiff is the first vendor to encapsulate sophisticated information capture technology into a standardized Windows application. TELEform runs on all Microsoft 32-bit operating systems, installs quickly, and offers ease-of-use through point & click interfaces. Users can customize TELEform applications using the industry standard Visual Basic scripting language. Eliminate the hassles of artificial volume-based pricing schemes, and get a predictable return on investment. TELEform puts 100% of your PC processing power to work, 24 hours a day.

TELEform is based upon the Open Recognition and Capture Architecture, a framework that implements information capture using industry standard hardware and software. TELEform Connect Agents are ORCA certified to insure that you have seamless integration with input hardware and software, and instant connection to export data and image platforms. TELEform includes Import Connect Agents for nearly every scanner and fax server on the market, and has a point & click interface that makes information capture a snap.

TELEform is used to collect paper documents, create search and index information, and to process digital versions of documents to archive, document management and knowledge management applications. TELEform has pre-built Connect Agents for leading back-end products, making document capture a snap.

TELEform eliminates manual data entry by extracting data from paper forms. Users can route data to database and BackOffice applications, and can store the original form, with attachements, into document management and archive systems.

Scanners and Imaging Boards:
. Agfa
. Cruse
. Fujitsu
. Kodak

. Disc
. Hewlett Packard
. Plasmon

Document Management Software:
. Saperion
. Cardiff
. Paper Vision

. Bookeye

Fax Products:
. Dialogic


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